Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Mar. 1

Today was a hard day because I didn't get to see or talk to Dan. I called the Rehab. Center and visited with one of the nurses but it wasn't the same. She said he was doing ok but that he was complaining of pain. She thought they'd be giving him something for it soon. I told her about the pain he had while I was there and she said she'd check into it. I hope it helps. I can't stand the thought of him in pain and nothing being done about it. I will call again tomorrow but because he doesn't have a phone in his room and because he can't walk out to get the phone, I probably won't be able to talk to him then either. I did ask the nurse to tell him that I love him. She said she would so that's as good as it gets today.

Some people have been following the posts and say that Dan looks pretty good in his picture. I agree. I think he even looks better in person. He's a lot easier to kiss in person.

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