Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday, March 10 ~ It's Thursday, right???

It's Thursday, right??? Please, it's Thursday? I'm so excited to go to SL and see Dan again that I think I can't wait more than just tonight. If I'm not careful, I'll get up in the morning and head south instead of north.

I got to talk to him today and he sounds soooo good. He said Cornell was there and they had just gone outside for a little bit. It's been beautiful down there so I'm sure they enjoyed the fresh air. Thank you Cornell!! Also, he said that Julie and Bev had stopped by to visit him. I'm so glad that he's had visitors. I'm sure he really appreciates it, too. Thank you Julie and Bev. I just wish I had been there to visit with you, too.

He said the Therapist had him up and walking for short distances today. He's getting stronger in his legs and he can tell it. He said the X-ray on his arm showed no breaks but there's some pretty damaged tissue there.

We talked about him coming home in a couple of weeks and what he's going to need. He seems to be thinking pretty well about things and he had some suggestions. I'm excited to have him upstairs for a while.

And.... drum roll.... ta,da!!! Guess what was in the mail today. Yap, you're right... a little yellow envelope, sweet card that said, "Hope this helps with your next trip to see your sweetheart." Another gift card and some more cash. Even if I never believed in Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, a Fairy Godmother or any other fictitious hero, I know there is goodness all around us. Thank you someone!!! and thank you everyone!!! We have been so extremely blessed this past month! Thank you, Heavenly Father.

Oh my goodness! I just went into the kitchen and there is ANOTHER WONDERFUL dinner from the Christensen's. I admit, I ate some before I returned to the computer but Thank You Christensens. WOW!!

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