Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One Year Later

I've just reread all of the Dan Diary blogs and transferred them to word documents. I plan to burn a disk of them for Dan for Valentine's Day. It was amazing year full of ups and downs and with miracles all along the way; from almost losing Dan in this life to having him back well and whole again.
At his last Salt Lake VA appointment the Neurologist diagnosed "No Parkinson's and No Alzheimer's" Those were both incorrect diagnoses given because of the Lithium. The lack of absorption of the drug in Dan's body presented itself as symptom's of both illnesses. However, over the past year he has regained his health and most of his physical abilities.
I can't thank the Lord enough for returning Dan to us and for improving his life in the process. I am also so very grateful for our children who have stood beside us through it all. I have seen much growth and unity in our family over the year and I so appreciate having them as involved as they are. I think I can say that all of our testimonies have increased as we've come closer to the Lord, pleading for our husband and father.

I want to bear my testimony that I know our Father in Heaven knows us and loves us and is close as we travel through our earthly life here. He hears and answers our prayers in the way best for us. I know our Savior lives! I know He is our Mediator and He pleads for us before our Father. I know that through the Resurrection we can live again and that through the Atonement we can live in the presence of the Lord. Through the holy sealing power of the Priesthood we can live together as families throughout eternity. There is nothing I want more than to be with Dan and our family forever. And I am so grateful that we have lived together this past year and will enjoy more time together in the future. I bear this witness in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Making Progress

Dan goes to therapy twice a week and works on his exercises everyday at home. A couple of weeks ago he picked up a new toy. Really, it's a toy!
He uses one like it with the OT and so he decided he could have one at home to do the same exercises on. Needless to say it was a hit at Christmas time when all the little ones came home.

You've gotta love that kind of therapy!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Last Friday Dan and I made the trip back to the Salt Lake VA for a follow up appointment with Neurology. I always enjoy the trips to SL because it's totally undivided time with Dan. We left early that morning and took our time because the roads were rather slick - at least till we got to about Brigham City. After that the sun was shinning and it was a lot warmer down there. The snow had turned to rain and everything looked so pretty.

We saw a new Neurologist (one we hadn't seen before) and we both really liked him. He checked Dan out pretty good, gave him the usual Parkinson's and Alzhiemer's check list. Dan did really well on both counts. Although when he was walking down the hall the doctor turned to me and asked, "Does he always walk like that?" I told him "Yes, especially since he's fallen so many times." It looks like a rather LARGE duck on a slick surface. CUTE!! On the memory test he was able to remember all the previously taught words and could even spell "ocean" backwards. I was really impressed with that one because I was still trying to figure out what comes after "n".

Then the doctor called in another Neurologist (older gentleman who'd been around for a while). He gave Dan another "1,2" and declared that DAN DOESN'T HAVE PARKINSON'S NOR ALZHIEMER'S!!! Again, it was the Lithium that was presenting as such. They took him off all meds for those two disorders and sent us both home very, very happy!!

(Of course, we spent the night in Orem where Mark, Peggy, Omaei, Kalani, Haini, Kristi, Sitani, Marley and Elijah all joined us for dinner at the Asian Buffet and swimming at the hotel afterwards. We just had to celebrate the good news!!!)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Birthday Boy Hits 60 While Hitting the Floor

Yes, the Birthday Boy hit 60 this week, but only hours before he hit the floor.
Dan was sleeping peacefully in his bed when he woke up and decided to turn off his box fan sitting on the floor. However, he didn't quite turn it off like he intended to. Instead, he fell on it and it turned off never to turn back on again.
In the process of falling he tried to catch himself with his only "good" arm, the left one, which resulted in him throwing his shoulder out of joint. Immediately after that his head hit the hardwood floor and splat! It was not a pretty scene.

When he screamed, I came running to find him face down and unable to move. He was yelling and I was trying to help him up. Everything hurt!! Finally we got him rolled over and slowly we got him up. I gave him a cloth with ice in it to hold on his head but since his shoulder was in great pain and the right hand doesn't work so good, he had a real hard time keeping the ice in place.

We got him to the emergency room where they gave him a nice shot to put him to sleep while they worked on him. They put the shoulder back in place while I was watching and I didn't even know they had done it. The nurse said, "Well, the shoulder's back in place." and I said, "Wow, that was fast." Then they stitched his head. That took a lot longer. They had to put 5 stitches in the cut because it was so deep and 13 on top to hold it together.

When he woke up (I was begining to wonder if he would wake up) they let me take him home. I cleaned him up and changed his clothes and he laid down for a few minutes while I cleaned up. Cleaning up his floor was like cleaning up a crime scene. YUCK!! But, we had an early morning (8:00) appointment with the hearing clinic in Pocatello and needed to be there.

We hurried the best we could and we were just a little late for the appointment. I didn't think it was too bad for having spent the night in the ER.

After the appointment we went to breakfast at Perkins in Pocatello and took an Apple Pie home for Dan's birthday. It was good breakfast and it was good to relax for a few minutes that morning.

Back home, Dad laid down and I changed clothes to go to work at the pharmacy. We had a piece of pie that night when I got home and then Dad finished it off the next day.

Some days are just like that; but it's usually not on your 60th birthday.

Here are some pictures of Dan. Which one do you like the most?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Three Months Later ~ and Great News!!!

Lots has happened over the past three months and most of it has been great. Dan continues with his therapy, works hard at his exercises, gives his very best to all he tries to do and he's come a long way! Here are a few pictures of him with his PT Derk (Jolene's son-in-law, Jody's husband).
Derk was wonderful with Dan and helped him a lot but his services have been discontinued by the VA. We are in hopes of getting more PT services soon. However Aaron, his OT continues to come to the house twice a week (when we're home). Today, they explored the garden and Dan helped cut down the lettuce. They brought it in the house and washed it all off. My guess is we're having a salad for dinner tonight.

We went to SL for a re-evaluations with the Neurologist and the OT on June 11. The OT was very impressed with what Dan is now able to do with his hand. She worked with us for a couple of hours and showed Dan several new exercises to do to help loosen up the fingers. After the Neurologist examined him she suggested we get an x-ray of his shoulder and do a test on his arm to see where there might be damage to his nerves. Those have yet to be scheduled by the VA but we'll try to stay on top of them both.

We also went to see Dr. Kearl in Pocatello again last week. Dr. K examed Dan and made some suggestions for the hand/arm as well. He took lots of time with us and then said, "I'm pretty sure you don't have Parkinsons." WOW!! We are both so excited that he's going to be ok. Dr. K said that his slowness is more from his hesitency to move for fear of a fall and from muscle weakness. He thinks that in time Dan will regain his use of his hand and the brain will also clear out of the lithium.

We're talking about possible missions when I can retire. Anyway, it's been a busy couple of months and you can catch up on all the other exciting adventures we've endeavored since Dan's come home on our other blogsite: www.thetallandtheshortofitall@blogspot.com.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday, April 11

Wow, the weeks just seem to slip right by again. Things are settling down great here at home. Dan works on his exercises everyday and when I come home to show them all to me. He really is getting stronger every day. He even went to Church today ~ all three hours. I helped him get ready this morning before I went to the pharmacy and he went with Tessha and Alisha. I'm so proud of him!!! No pictures, just lots of love!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday, March 3 ~Easter Eve

Yes, it's Easter Eve and although we don't have any little children at home to hide eggs or baskets with and no new Sunday clothes to wear we are forever grateful for the miracle of the Savior's resurrection. Literally, it touches close to home as we continue to celebrate the return of Dan. We know he was in the hands of the Lord and that our prayers were answered in his return to us. Also, to sit and listen to the Prophets and Apostles speak from the pulpit has been an awe inspiring experience.
Why is it that the Conference sessions seem so short whereas they used to seem so long? Regardless, as far as I'm concerned, General Conference could last for days.

One of the things Dan had me do as soon as he was settled in his new room was to put up his picture wall. Tada....

Than he went to reading all the family blogs from his bed. He's missed a lot of blogs but has been very busy catching up on them all now. As much as he loves reading the blogs he really loves making comments. He has been working the muscles in his right hand especially hard this past week just so he can start doing that again. Work it Daddy!
And the highlight of the day was when Dan and I got dressed up, went out to dinner and then to the Priesthood session of Conference. He wanted me to go with him just in case he needed to leave a little early and come home. Since I was with him we both sat out in the foyer on the couch but we still had a great view of the monitor in the chapel.Wonderful Easter Eve!