Saturday, December 18, 2010


Last Friday Dan and I made the trip back to the Salt Lake VA for a follow up appointment with Neurology. I always enjoy the trips to SL because it's totally undivided time with Dan. We left early that morning and took our time because the roads were rather slick - at least till we got to about Brigham City. After that the sun was shinning and it was a lot warmer down there. The snow had turned to rain and everything looked so pretty.

We saw a new Neurologist (one we hadn't seen before) and we both really liked him. He checked Dan out pretty good, gave him the usual Parkinson's and Alzhiemer's check list. Dan did really well on both counts. Although when he was walking down the hall the doctor turned to me and asked, "Does he always walk like that?" I told him "Yes, especially since he's fallen so many times." It looks like a rather LARGE duck on a slick surface. CUTE!! On the memory test he was able to remember all the previously taught words and could even spell "ocean" backwards. I was really impressed with that one because I was still trying to figure out what comes after "n".

Then the doctor called in another Neurologist (older gentleman who'd been around for a while). He gave Dan another "1,2" and declared that DAN DOESN'T HAVE PARKINSON'S NOR ALZHIEMER'S!!! Again, it was the Lithium that was presenting as such. They took him off all meds for those two disorders and sent us both home very, very happy!!

(Of course, we spent the night in Orem where Mark, Peggy, Omaei, Kalani, Haini, Kristi, Sitani, Marley and Elijah all joined us for dinner at the Asian Buffet and swimming at the hotel afterwards. We just had to celebrate the good news!!!)