Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Three Months Later ~ and Great News!!!

Lots has happened over the past three months and most of it has been great. Dan continues with his therapy, works hard at his exercises, gives his very best to all he tries to do and he's come a long way! Here are a few pictures of him with his PT Derk (Jolene's son-in-law, Jody's husband).
Derk was wonderful with Dan and helped him a lot but his services have been discontinued by the VA. We are in hopes of getting more PT services soon. However Aaron, his OT continues to come to the house twice a week (when we're home). Today, they explored the garden and Dan helped cut down the lettuce. They brought it in the house and washed it all off. My guess is we're having a salad for dinner tonight.

We went to SL for a re-evaluations with the Neurologist and the OT on June 11. The OT was very impressed with what Dan is now able to do with his hand. She worked with us for a couple of hours and showed Dan several new exercises to do to help loosen up the fingers. After the Neurologist examined him she suggested we get an x-ray of his shoulder and do a test on his arm to see where there might be damage to his nerves. Those have yet to be scheduled by the VA but we'll try to stay on top of them both.

We also went to see Dr. Kearl in Pocatello again last week. Dr. K examed Dan and made some suggestions for the hand/arm as well. He took lots of time with us and then said, "I'm pretty sure you don't have Parkinsons." WOW!! We are both so excited that he's going to be ok. Dr. K said that his slowness is more from his hesitency to move for fear of a fall and from muscle weakness. He thinks that in time Dan will regain his use of his hand and the brain will also clear out of the lithium.

We're talking about possible missions when I can retire. Anyway, it's been a busy couple of months and you can catch up on all the other exciting adventures we've endeavored since Dan's come home on our other blogsite: www.thetallandtheshortofitall@blogspot.com.