Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday, March 24

This is the day we've been waiting for. After 58 days of The Dan Diaries and 49 days with Dan in Salt Lake we are finally blogging that all is well again. DAN IS HOME!! We got his things all packed up, put on the awesome "BALTIMORE" jacket that Daniel and Dalynn sent for him,

checked him out of the Rehab Center, got him in the car and we enjoyed a nice ride home together. The last time we were in the car together he was unconscious and I no idea if we'd ever ride in a car together again, not to mention if he'd ever be awake again. Today we talked about what was ahead of us and gave thanks for the extra time with each other. We also talked with several of the children on the phone. I think we are all extremely grateful to still have Dan with us. Thanks to all the prayers and blessings and to a kind and loving Father who hears and answers those prayers.
Dan is now settled in a smaller but just as nice room upstairs where I can be close by. We got a monitor tonight so the girls can hear him downstairs and I can hear him in my room, too. My Visiting Teachers brought us in a wonderful dinner and we had a nice visit and then after dinner the High Priest Presidency came over to welcome Dan home. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives!!!
Here is the "Before" and the "After".



  1. What a wonderful blessing to have your husband back home! Truly, the Lord works in mysterious ways....someday we'll understand all the trials that we are called to endure. Give Dan our love from both Ron and I. You are the best Sandy! Thanks for being wonderful parents to a the best son-in law- ever!

  2. Now Dad you need to come out to Baltimore with your new sweater and we'll eat some hot dogs a the ball park and watch a game.