Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday, March 21

I know the time is drawing near when Dan will return home with us, but today was especially hard since it was Sunday (a day I normally would have spent with him) and because I wasn't working. It's easier to not think about it when I'm busy with work; pharmacy or school.

However, today I did get to pick up Amanda here in IF and take her back to Logan. Penny's back in the hospital, this time in Logan and Amanda needed a ride home, so...
we headed out of town around noon and enjoyed a nice ride. The weather was wonderful with sunshine and low winds. Somewhere close to Preston we called Willow Wood and talked with Dan. He was back from lunch and laying down in his room. He sounded good and we talked about what the plan to get him home this week. He said he has the strength in his legs now and can stand alone but he still has trouble walking because of balance. He has to have someone close by to help him. He said the PT was telling him that he will probably get movement back in his right hand but that it might take a while still. He can't grip and has to eat left handed. We talked about putting up a hand rail in the hall and also about using a four-footed cane. He knew a walker wouldn't help because he can't hold onto the right side enough to keep it from tipping to the left. When we get him home we'll be able to see just what we need to do to help him here. At least his room is ready for him.

We picked up some things from the apt. that Penny needed at the hospital and then we went on over. When we got there Granma, Kelly and Julia were all there. We had a real nice visit with everyone and then I headed home. I think I'll work a little on Gracie's apron and then turn into bed. Tomorrow is a full day again!! But Tuesday is just around the corner. :)

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