Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday March 4

It's Thursday night and I'm getting soooo excited!! I'm packing my bag and getting things ready to head out in the morning. I'm going to SL to see my sweetheart. Like Dan always says, "Come Saturday morning I'm going away with my friend." We were married on a Saturday and so it's been a favorite saying between us. Now it's my turn. "Come Saturday morning I'm going away with my friend!" It seems like it's been such a long week until now.

I talked with the PT today and he thought some velco shoes might be good for Dan so I picked some up tonight after work. The nurse also suggested some long sleeve shirts and a sweatshirt. I guess he's been getting cold at night. He had several long sleeve flannel shirts that I gathered up but my favorite baby blue sweatshirt is no more. He had it on when I admitted him to the ER. Of course, they frantically cut and cut and cut some more to get it off of him quickly. He also had on the great black T-shirt that Alisha brought him back from Washington DC. That's all cut up now, too. I didn't realize it but the nurses had put them both in his "personal bag" for me to bring home. I promptly unloaded the bag into the washer before I saw them both cut to shreds. I cried when I found them. It was rather traumatic to remember him in the ER with his chest bare and tubes and patches everywhere. I have to say that I haven't cried too often during all of this, but when I saw his shirts it just started to come. I think I was also relieved that even if the shirts were gone, Dan wasn't!!!

Anyway, I picked him up a new sweatshirt and it's not near as pretty as the baby blue one, but it will keep him warm.

I also got to talk to him today. He tried to prepare me by telling me not to expect too much because he was still pretty weak. I think he had just finished with the therapist and realized he has a way to go before he's back to his old self. I don't care!! I'm just glad to have him with us.

Today I had lunch with a dear friend of mine from work. We shared stories because she went through much the same with her husband Brit just last Oct. The difference was that Brit didn't make it and now Liz is alone. She's handling it pretty good but we both sat and cried for an hour or so over lunch. We just kept wondering why one went and one stayed. I don't suppose we'll ever know the answer to that one.

Well, I'm off to bed so I can get up early and head down.
PS. Just in case you haven't heard~ Gracie is putting in her mission papers!!! We are soooo excited for her. You can catch up on her plans at



  1. The Lord is sure blessing you! How wonderful about Dan's recovery. Great news about Gracie! Give her our best wishes.

  2. Mom, I'm glad Liz was there for you. I think having a friend who can relate is one of God's many blessings. Alma 7:12