Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday, March 28 - Karly's Baptism Day

Coming Home from Church - Doesn't he look great?

Oops, I missed some days in there, didn't I! Sorry about that.
Actually, things are going very well. Friday, the Social Worker, Tyler came by and said that he would set up things with the VA for Dan. I got to meet Aaron, the OT in the drive way as he was leaving and I was coming home. He seems like a very nice guy who had some great ideas for Dan. He thought that the swelling in the hand was from lack of movement. Dan's pretty protective of it since it's been the source of much pain. However, he suggested that keeping it moving would keep the swelling down. And true to the test, Dan has been bending the fingers and making a much of a fist as possible. He's getting pretty good at it, too. Aaron will come by three times a week for a while and will help provide things like handles by the toilet and tub.

And guess who was inside when I went in. Dirk Andreson, Jolene's son-in-law and Jody's husband. He's going to be Dan's PT. Now, can you even ask for better. I said not. We are so excited to have him coming and helping Dan learn to get around again.

The nurse came by later and took his blood pressure, temperature and listened to his heart and lungs. She checked his feet which were white compared to the terrible blue that they've been.

Everyone is very nice and I'm sure will be a great support to Dan as he recuperates.
We are so very thankful for all the help.

Perhaps I was just tired or maybe forgetful when I went to bed without a post but we are doing great.

Saturday a nurse's aid came by and helped Dan shower and he looked so good when he was done. What a great way to start a Saturday. Dan continues to work on making a fist with his right hand. He's getting up to go to the bathroom when he really needs to. He also has a little urinal by his bed for those times when it's just too hard to get up. He still needs some support as he walks with the cane but he's getting stronger all the time. He knows to stop when he's dizzy and to go when he's comfortable. He's eaten at the table with us at least once a day and then I try to take his breakfast into his room.

A good friend of mine from school, Jackie, got us one of the nicer rectangular tables on wheels that they use at the hospitals. It's been wonderful to roll over to his bed or chair.

Then today he thought we should try to go to Church. I was pleased. It's been so long since either one of us was there. I had thought about going but didn't want to leave him home alone. And then he said, "Let's just go." We decided that I would wait at home with him and get him ready during RS and SS time and then we would try to be there before Sacrament started. Well, we tried pretty hard and if I hadn't forgotten to give him his noon meds before we left, and if we didn't have to turn around and go home for them, we might have made it before Sacrament. As it was, we got there just as people were going into the chapel. Dan made his way slowly but we were seated when the meeting began.

Being Fast and Testimony Meeting, Dan told me that he'd like to bear his testimony and asked me to go with him to the stand and stay beside him while he spoke. He was the second one to bear testimony and he did so in his strong and fervent manner. He expressed thanks to the ward for all the help they have provided, meals, prayers, comfort. And he bore witness that the Lord lives and loves and provides for us. He was kind and appreciative.

When he returned to the congregation, Pres. Reilly and Brother Park took him gently and helped him to his seat. Again, those Righteous Nephi warriors were by his side. It so reminded me of the morning we left home. Brother Cowley was in the rear and helped him to the car after the meeting. I can so see in my mind's eye a beautiful picture in a forest type setting where three Nephi warriors dressed in the amour of Priesthood gently and kindly carry a wounded warrior off the battlefield to the safety of the trees. Oh, that I were an artist! How I'd love to present to each of them a copy of this picture.

Dinner is done and Dan is resting on his bed. I will return to my room to work on Gracie's temple apron. Our home teachers are coming later. It is a good day!!!


  1. It IS a good day. Dan looks wonderful. I wish that I could have heard him bear his testimony.

  2. these miracles. Hugs to you both.

  3. So glad to hear Dad is home and doing so well. We love you guys!

  4. Dad you look so good. I want to see more pictures of your smile on our blog.