Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday, March 12

No, it's not Thursday anymore. It's Friday and I'm love it. I'm in SL tonight and I've spent the afternoon/evening with Dan. He's doing so well. He was sleeping when I got there so I just sat in a chair and read my book until he started waking up. I didn't want to disturb him till he was really ready to wake up, so I just watched as he turned side to side and slowly opened his eyes. As soon as he saw me I jumped up to go to him and he said, "Oh, hello. How long have you been there?" I assured him that I wasn't there very long but was glad he was awake.

I sat on his bed and we talked about everything that had happened this last week. He was able to share information from his Dr. appointments and he followed my talk about what's going on at home. It was great to be able to communicate again.

His right hand is slightly swollen again and although they've taken x-rays and determined that it's not broken, something still isn't right with it. I rubbed eucalyptus lotion on both of his arms and hands. They were so dry and he said it felt good to have them rubbed.

Gracie, Stephen and his brother Chris stopped by. Gracie had been tending Jace in CA with Laura this past week. Mark was getting home today so Gracie and Jace flew into Phoenix where Mark picked up Jace and Gracie came on into SL. Stephen and Chris picked her up at the airport and came over to visit Dan. It was fun to see them but while we were visiting, Dan had to go to dinner. Soon after that the Sugies also came up to visit. We had quite the family gathering and when Dan was done eating he joined all of us in the Family Room.

After everyone left, we got Dan ready for bed and when he was tucked in I headed back to my room.

Hey Gracie, "Today was a GOOD day."

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