Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday, March 23

I'm here in SL again and it seems like it's been forever since I was with Dan. It was so good to see him tonight. He was sitting up in his bed watching some TV. That's the first time I've seen him do that since before he was admitted. Perhaps it's not the first time he's done it but it was still nice to watch the "normalcy" of it all.

We had a nice visit and he told me how he was grateful to be coming home. He was very kind about what the family has done to help him. We also talked about some things he'll need at home. He suggested a "tub chair" that his roommate Maloy told him about. Ta Da... we now have a "tub chair" on the back seat of our car THANKS TO BILL AND JEANNE NELSON!!! They were so kind to let us use a seat Jeanne had bought for her mother. It's like brand new and will be perfect for Dan. Another problem solved. Besides, I got to see Shauna(spelling??) Nelson for a few minutes when I picked up the chair at her apt. Thank you!!!

Beth, the Willow Wood Care Center Social Worker had not send in the Aid and Assistance application that I completed and left for her over a month ago. It was still in Dan's dresser drawer tonight. I have spoken to her several times about it but... She's supposed to be going on vacation, but hopefully she'll be there tomorrow when we check Dan out. I'm really hoping that she'll be able to take care of it tomorrow. If not, Dan had the idea to take it right up to the VA hospital on our way out of town. Now, that sounds like a good idea.

Also, several (almost all) of the clothes I've brought down for Dan have disappeared. They may be in the laundry, but since someone else's shirt was hanging in his closet, I have to wonder where his clothes are hanging. We'll sort it all out tomorrow.

His right hand is swollen up again and there is a lot of dry skin on the palm. The therapist doesn't know why it swells up and then goes down and then swells up again. I hope we can find an answer to that soon. He has a hard enough time using it when it's not swollen and I'm mostly concerned about taking him home and not having a good dr. nearby. We could be "up a creek" again.

I can't believe the time has finally come for Dan to return home. He's excited and so are we. One more night.

Tomorrow whispers joy and today is going to be a great day!! Jamba Juice anyone?

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  1. I'll take an original Pomegranate Pick Me Up with an energy boost please :)