Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday, March 19

It's late but I'm done. With the help of Bishop and Brother Anderson we were able to actually finish everything we needed to do today. I started early cleaning out Alisha's room and although it felt like it took forever, I did finally get it done.

I had three bags close by and things either went into the DI bag, the packing bag or the trash bag. We moved her things downstairs and arranged the room upstairs for Dan. Bishop stopped by and moved the vanity into the van to take to the DI and the desk into the garage. And with Mike's help they moved Dan's chair from downstairs up into his new room and Alisha's boxes into the garage. After that, all we had to do was make the beds. I'd kept the washer and dryer going straight since 10:00 or so this morning and the bedding was the last to come out.

Around 2:00 the nurse from Willow Wood called to say that they were changing one of Dan's meds. His blood pressure has been really low and they think it's because of the prostrate medication. They are going to try another prescription to see if it will work without affecting his blood pressure. He'll be on it for a week or two. I hope they'll have a dr. in Poc. for him to see by then. I tried to ask if I could talk to him, but she hurried and said goodbye before I got it out.

Regardless, I'm pretty excited that we were able to do the rearranging today. I have to work in the pharmacy tomorrow afternoon and I won't have to worry about his new room again till he gets home and we find out what he'll really need.

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