Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday, March 16

Good news!!! Good news!!!
I didn't get to talk to Dan today, but... (of course, that's not the good news)
Drum roll... tada... The catheter and foley are out!!! YEAH! Good going, Dan. Oops, that doesn't sound exactly appropriate, does it? I don't mean literally, but I'm excited for him. He's wanted that out since he woke and found out it was there. Now, freedom. I know it sounds silly to be so excited over that little thing, but it also means that he'll be able to handle being home better now. I was just a little worried about it being in and him coming home and having problems. But, nada nada.

Also it was the reason for the infection that's caused the low grade fever he's had most of the time. Now they are giving him antibiotics for the infection and he'll actually be able to get over it.

Small steps toward improvement means HE'S GETTING BETTER!!!
One week from today and I'll be going down to get him and bring him back home.
Who ever said miracles don't happen anymore? Let this be a testament - they do!! and the Lord continues to bless our lives. Dan's awake, alive and coming home.

I just listened to my cell phone messages and guess what. The first one was from Dan!! I couldn't believe it. He said he was just calling to tell me that he loves me and appreciates what I do. He told me how good it feels to have the catheter out and the fever gone. He did say that he still isn't too strong but that's ok. It will come with time and therapy. Wow, I probably won't delete that message for a long time. At least not until I can hear him in person.

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