Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday, March 14

Home again,home again, jigitity jig. I won't go any further because I think it says something about a pig going home. Pig or not, I am home again; another weekend with Dan at it's end. I'm getting good at packing and unpacking quickly. I've learned that I don't need much on these trips and it's lots easier when I get home to leave some of my things in the suitcase for the next week.

Next week? Just the thought of it make me sad. I'm not going down next weekend. I'm going to stay home and get the bedroom ready for Dan. However, I am going down on the following Tuesday and will bring him home on Wednesday. By then it will have be 49 days since he's been home. That's just short of the number days he was gone on Reforger when we were in the army. I thought it was a long time back then and I'm sure it's a long time now. It's going to be so nice to have him home.Well, we'll wait till he gets here to shout Hurrah. This weekend was good enough for now.

Today I went to the Home and worked on my computer while he was at lunch. I couldn't wait till someone brought him back to his room so I went and got him when he was done with his lunch. He wasn't feeling very good today. He said he didn't sleep good last night so he rested while I worked on my computer. However, before he went to sleep he wanted me to read him the blogs from this past week. Obviously, it didn't take nearly as long as last Sunday when we read them all.

He reminded me of Robert Hulet's name and of the second thing he told me that I had forgotten. He said that it was about his right hand. It was beginning to heal and he had more feeling in his fingers. (I told you he would remember and he could tell me, even if I couldn't remember at all.)

Like I said, he didn't feel too chiper today so I worked on the 2009 blogs - three more to go while he slept. He was having some pain in his hand so I told the nurse and she gave him some ibuprofen for it. I hope it helps him. They also said they'd make sure he had some more before bed so he could sleep tonight.

I headed home around 5:00 and it was still light when I got home at 8:00. It wasn't snowing or raining, but there was a cold wind all day. We went to daylight savings time today. Spring is coming!!!


  1. Dear Sandy and Dan,

    I had emailed you twice asking about Dan. I don't know if you got them as I still hadn't heard from you. Now I know why! I awoke this morning with you and Dan on my mind as you have been for weeks in our prayers. For some reason I had not been on your blogsite since before Christmas. When I brought it up and read about your new blogsite, I immediately called it up and began reading the latest entry. Then I realized that I needed to go to the earliest entry and began reading each entry back up to the one on Sunday, the 14th. I have gone from tears of sorrow for you and Dan to tears of joy that he is recovering memory and walking again. Who misdiagnosed him about the Parkinson's and put him on lithium? How awful! Mother takes the carb/levo and it really helps her shakes, but it also can give her strange visitations and such. She is now taking two other meds for the dementia that the Parkinson's gives her. So far she is holding. We are just now recovering from the shock of Austin's passing. My sis and her husband have such haunted looks at times. The tears are not as frequent. It is taking some real adjustment on all of our parts.

    I stand in amazement at your sweet testimony of God's love and your love and commentment and once again the sweet tender love that you and your wonderful family of beautiful children have for each other. What a joy that is! Nothing worldly can compensate for that closeness and dedication to each other. God bless you all! No wonder you all were so special and we grew to love you the four years you were in Chiloquin.

    When Dan gets home, I would love to come over and visit a while with him and bring you all a dinner (if that is okay with you).

    You will be in our continued prayers.

    Love, Laquata, Scott, and Sahvann

  2. Oh Laquata, now you've got me crying but not for us; for you, for your love and friendship. I'm sorry I haven't answered your emails. I saw one but just never got around to answer it. I guess I was kind of wondering just what to tell you. I'm glad you found the blog site.
    Thank you for all your prayers!! That is what really brought Dan back to us - many prayers from righteous people. I will be forever grateful for those prayers.
    We would LOVE for you to come visit when he gets home. Dan has mentioned that he has Scott's temple names on his dresser, too. I know he wants to get those back to you guys. We'll have to visit all about the Parkinson stuff/ your mom and etc.
    Love you!!