Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday, March 13

I'm back at the room a little earlier tonight. Dan was getting ready to go to dinner and I want to go to Provo and spend a little time with Kristi and the kids. Haini is working tonight. I actually just came back to get the gift that the Christiansen's sent for my "grandkids". I didn't have it with me when I saw them last night so I'll get it to them tonight. Here is a picture of the darling crayons that Alexis, Lucy and Chase and Candice made for Sitani, Marley and Elijah. They're going to have so much fun with these.

This morning it was raining really hard and now it's snowing lightly. Of course, I pack my coat every weekend except this one. Oh well. I do hope it's not snowing tomorrow because I don't particularly enjoy driving on slick roads.

I had lunch with Dan at the Care Center and we sat with another couple who live there. The gentleman (I'll have to remember his name later)(Sunday- Dan says his name is Robert Hulet)had grown up in Pocatello so I told him about how both sets of my grandparents lived there. I told him I used to visit them in the summers. I asked him if he knew where Walker Monuments on 5th S. was. He said that he did and I told him that my mother's family lived in the basement house next door. He said, "The Allison's owned it." and I said, "Yes, that's my mom's family." He knew Uncle Dean real well because Dean's wife, Aunt Joyce is his sister-in-laws sister. (I think that's how it went.) Anyway, he knew about Dean working at Martin's and laying carpet with Fred. It was very fun to meet him and hear his stories about Dean.

After lunch we went back to Dan's room where he rested most of the afternoon. I read my book and we visited now and then when he would wake up. He was having some pain because he was passing clots in the catheter. They said they will take out the foley tomorrow morning and then practice getting him up to go to the bathroom. The clots are probably from an infection and it won't heal up with the foley in. Hopefully, that will go smoothly. It's one of the big steps left.

I was able to get a copy (partial copy) of the Dr. report from Thursday and the Neurologist said that the new diagnosis is "Possible Drug induced Parkinson's". They are speculating that the Lithium has caused Parkinson's like symptoms but they aren't sure. So, because the Sinemet appears beneficial Dan will continue with the current dosage. He also said that the "weakness is likely lingering weakness from hospital." He recommends continued OT/PT, remove the foley catheter and continue Sinemet. Dan has an appointment for a Movement Disorder on June 11.

Here is a picture of Dan's night stand. It's fun because the pictures are from home, the apples are from Paunie, the white card from Gwenevere and the flowers from Bev and Julie. Sitani drew Dan a picture of the Holy Ghost. Can you see the "Hole"? Marley painted him a beautiful pink picture and Grace hung up her 7th grade Student Body card so that she was included on the Wall of Fame.

I'd better get headed down to Provo before it gets any later. I need to see the Sugies~~

I'm back and here are the Sugie kids with fun, new crayons.

Thank you Alexis, Lucy, Chase and Candice!!

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