Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday, March 18

It's one day closer to Friday, again. But, this time I'm don't get to go to SL to see Dan. I'm already missing that time but I'm trying to focus my thoughts on getting the house ready to bring him home next Wednesday.

There's so much to do here that it will take all the time I can give it. I'm going to begin tomorrow by cleaning out Alisha's room. That may take a month? Hopefully, just one day because that's about all the time I have to give it. On Saturday, we'll do a through cleaning, ceiling down to hard-wood floor and then we'll put the furniture he'll need back in. I work in the Pharmacy Saturday afternoon and I really don't want to be doing this on the one Sunday that I have to go to Church. So, we will work quickly to get it done.

The exciting part of the day came early this morning. I was in my classroom at 6:30when my cell phone rang. It was Dan!! He was calling to wish me good morning and give me the good news that the Urologist had examined him and said, "Well, you're good to go." Take it as you like, it's still good news. That's the appointment that he had yesterday. I thought it was an appointment with the Neurologist but it was the Urologist.

He also told me that the PT has him sitting in the wheelchair and reaching out to a "ballet bar", holding on and trying to lift himself out of the chair. His right hand still doesn't work right and he can't grab with it yet. He's trying to lift himself out with only his left hand/arm. He said he could do it 5 times but no more. He asked for patience because he still isn't as strong as he'd like to be. Can you imagine. We're just so grateful to have him with us. He also said that his balance is still off a bit. He said he tends to lean on the person who's walking with him. He's walking, right? Miracle of miracles. He's walking!

I'm getting nervous about bringing him home and hoping that the Poc. VA will provide the help that he needs. I know I'm worrying about things I don't know, but the history there hasn't been great and currently I'm not too reassured that it will get better. We'll just wait to see and then turn to Plan B if it doesn't work.

I tried to call Bill and Jeanne Nelson to thank them for their letter, offers of help and the gift they sent. I had to leave a message but hope to reach them soon. Jeanne has a chair that she bought for her mother to use in the bathtub. She's offered to let us use it if we'd like. I think we'll take her up on her offer. It is so kind of her to think of us. I will treasure her letter for a long time.

Will just sent me an email about a blog written by the mother of a little boy who drowned, went into a coma and after many days has returned to life. It's a great story and I'll include the blog site here for anyone else interested in reading her story. It reminded Will and me of Dan's story. Here is her blog site and you can also read the story at: You'll have to copy and paste since I don't know how to add a link right here. Anyway, it's a wonderful story of faith and testimony. Thank you, Will! Thank you for everything, especially your thoughts and faith in the Lord. You were right on!

Well, it's time to get to the Pharmacy so I'll leave it here for the day. Tomorrow I'll get back with dirt on my hands, laundry in my basket and dust in my hair. You've just gotta love it. I love you!

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