Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Feb. 28

It is the last day of Feb. and the last day I got to spend time with Dan for a week. He was resting well when I got there this morning so I just quietly sat by him and read. When he woke up he was glad to see me. :) Although it didn't really feel like Sunday, a gentleman and his wife brought the sacrament around so we got to partake of that. He told us that they have Sacrament Meetings in the Dinning Room every Sunday at 10:30 so maybe next week we'll be able to go.

With some help we were able to get Dan up and into the wheelchair and he actually moved his feet to help. He sat in the chair until he'd finished with his lunch.

When we had lunch I encouraged him to eat as much of it himself as he could. I cut up the carrots for him and he was able to eat quite a bit without my help. Eventually, I helped him finish things off and he quit when he was full. I noticed that he put his whip cream from the apple crisp on top of the turkey and gravy. When they first brought it in he asked what he should eat first and I told him that he could eat whatever he wanted to eat first. He looked at the tray and then said he thought he should probably eat the desert first. I told him that he could do that if he wanted but that usually we saved desert for last. So, he ate his dinner first. You've just gotta love that man!!!

After lunch we moved him back to the bed and he let me put some cream on his hands and feet. I rubbed his feet for quite a while because I figured it would feel good. And, MIRACLE... he let me rub his right arm and hand. They didn't hurt him today. I was able to move his hand into a more natural position and then move his arm to cross his body. I told him to hold his hand to his heart so he could feel it beating. I was so excited that it didn't hurt him today. I'm sure with some therapy he'll be able to use it again.

I'm getting excited to have him come home again. All in time...

I drove home this afternoon under beautiful blue skies and 50 degree weather in SL. There was snow on the ground starting at about Tremonton but sunny skies almost all the way home. Good Day!!

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