Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tues. Feb. 23

I just got off the phone with Tessha. She had texted me a couple of times today to let me know how things are going with Dad. This morning she said the "Dad had an x=ray on his ram this morning and it sleeping. He is sleeping through the nigh."

"He ate a full lunoh, which is ne. His face is starting to fill in now that he is hydrated. The paind seems to be under contorl and his parkinson's meds are starting tp work. I am waiting to find out about his back mri and then the x-ray on his rt. forearm. The tract infections is improving though they are still needing to catheter him If theu can get him to rfegab. toda they will. It sounds like Jan got the VA to cover the money for all of the first twently days. YEAH!"

I think JAn has does a fabulous job for making thigs work for him.

I talked with Dr Caton about the meds tha the's one and all I can say is hat it's proprobaly the best way for hi to go.

I know there are more things to say, but my sleeping pill is taking hold and I'm not staying with this mush longer. Mabe tomorrow. I've got to get inot be bed soon or I'll fall off where I am. Goodnight everon.e

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