Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Feb. 15 ~ President's Day

Today was a holiday AND a good day for Dan. Will spent a good part of the morning at the hospital with him. Will has a quiet, gentle manner which exhibits strength and security. I'm sure Dan enjoyed having him there.

I stayed in Orem for a good part of the day. I worked on some computer projects that I've needed to do for a few months now. I accomplished quite a bit and it's good to have that much done.

I did some laundry and that feels great, too! Later, Seth borrowed Gracie's car and visited with a friend in Provo.

Later in the afternoon, I went and picked up Kristi and the kids so they could come over to the hotel and swim in the pool for a while. It's always a treat to be close to the Sugies and have fun with them. I just love those kids (and their parents).

Afterwards, I took a shower and washed my hair. What a great day ~ clean clothes and clean hair. Then I was ready to go see Dan again.

The drive is definitely longer from Orem and I find that I get very anxious to see him. Once I'm on the road, it's hard to wait that long to get there.

Dan is still in the MICU (Medical ICU vs. the Surgical ICU). They've talked about moving him to another unit on the floor, but they haven't moved him yet. They still aren't comfortable about sending him out there alone. Perhaps, when they can find a "sitter" they'll make the move.

It was so good to see him again. He looks good and he's making progress, slow but there is progress. His right hand looks better today than it has the past week. They had to restrain his hands and his left foot again. He keeps pulling on his tubes and they are concerned about that. He was sleeping lightly but would occasionally wake up. He knew I was there and said "hi" once.

I visited with one of the Drs. and he said that they were watching him pretty closely. He kind of laid out a possible plan but everything is dependent on how Dan is doing that particular day. As he makes progress he'll probably move from the ICU to regular floor room and then to a rehab. center/nursing home where he can get OT and PT to help him regain his skills before he can return home. I'm getting excited to think of him coming home but we'll take one step at a time and always remember we're not in charge here.

Will came back to the hospital tonight and sat with me watching Dan sleep for a couple more hours. At one point, a nurse asked him to help move Dan back up in the bed. Dan tends to slide down in the bed and get his feet all smished up at the end so he needs to be moved up quite often. It was fun to watch Will put on the "blue gloves" and grab the sheet. I'm so grateful for Will and for the nurses who take such great care of Dan. I don't want to think of where we'd be without them and without the wonderful children that we have. Thank you all!!

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