Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sat. Feb. 6

Today started out with a wonderful surprise. Luke called to say that he and Spence were flying into SL to be with Dan. Grace had stayed the night with me and I sure enjoyed her company. After we had rested a bit, we got showered and cleaned up and headed for the hospital. We stopped for a Jamba Juice on the way.
Dan was about the same. He moved more today trying to adjust himself. He's really too big for the bed and I'm sure he wasn't comfortable. His eyes were open a good part of the day but he never seemed to focus them or indicate that he was able to hear us. I got in nice and close and told him that Luke was coming. Right about then, Gracie said, "Mom, is that a tear?" It appeared that there was a tear coming from his left eye. Perhaps, he had heard.
He's running a fever so they had him covered with a little hand towel and Grace did a great job helping me keep him comfortable and cool.
Luke and Spence got in around 3:00 and came straight up to the hospital. It seemed like Dan knew Luke was there talking to him. He would put his head close to Luke and one time I thought I saw Dan's hand trying to reach for Luke. I can't say for sure, but it very well might have been his way of responding to Luke's voice. One of the Drs. told us that if he wasn't responding any better tomorrow they would do a spinal tap and see if there was any infection in the fluid. His arm is looking a little bit better and his fever is slowly going down. They started an feeding tube so he's getting some nutrition. After spenting some time with Dan we left to get something to eat. It had been a long flight and everyone was hungry.
After dinner, we came back to The Kimball and got things settled here and then connected up with Kristi and Haini and went back up to the hospital. Luke and I were with Dan and then Haini went in with Luke for a while. Kristi and I went in last and stayed till they were ready to kick us out. Dan seemed a bit more relaxed tonight.
Luke and Spence are spending the night with me at The Kimball and Gracie went home to Provo so she could go to her ward tomorrow. Her friend invited lots of their friends to join in a fast for Dan tomorrow. We know he is in the Lord's hands and with that we end another day.


  1. I'm so glad Luke got to come and I'm glad you've got Grace and the Sugies looking out for you mom.

    Alisha bore her testimony in church today and thanked everyone for their help and meals. She spoke so clearly and then teared up at the end. There wasn't a ward member who didn't come up and ask how dad was doing. You both are in many prayers.

    Your sweet Lucy brought down some yummy chilli that Alisha and I had for dinner. We'll look forward to your next post. Thanks for the updates.

  2. I think Bob and Barbara Kings will be calling on you. They left for SLC today. Those that remembered you said they were praying for ya'all today. Others said even if they did not know you, they are praying for everyones strength. I shared what was happening to you in Relief Society.

  3. Dear Diane, Thank you for your prayers and for all your kind thoughts. We certainly can use them. Love you,