Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Feb. 26

I've always enjoyed Fridays but for the next few weeks I'm going to absolutely LOVE them. First of all, I slept in past 5:00 AM and even felt rested when I got up at 7:00. I was able to go to Tessha's dr. appt. with her and it was the first time we have spent more than 10 minutes together for at least a month. It so good to have my best friend home again.

Around noon I was packed and headed for Utah. I was going to see Dan. Even though it was just a little over a week since I'd seen him, it felt like forever. I knew he had probably made some progress while I was gone and I was excited and apprehensive about all of it. I actually spent the first part of the trip talking to Tessha on the phone (hands free) till we lost connection around Malad. So, I called Penny after that and visited with her till I entered the SL traffic. She was with Julia going from SL to Logan. We must have even passed each other on the freeway during our visit. Those two phone calls made the trip go much faster than it could have gone.

When I got to SL I looked for the place where I am staying and after unloading the car I found my way to the Willow Wood Care Center. Tessha had given me excellent directions and it was actually pretty easy to find. I was so excited when I entered the building and the first person I saw asked, "Are you Dan's wife? He has been so excited for you to get here." They had him all cleaned up, shaved, hair cut and smiling. It was sooooo good to see him. I can't imagine being separated from him for any longer than a week. He was happy to see me and he knew who I was.

In fact, he's made some great progress. His language is about 70% better than a week ago. His sentences are generally complete and coherent. Sometimes he got lost in his thoughts but could usually straighten it out on his own. He's still pretty much flat on his back or can sit up with the back of the bed supporting him. He commented that he couldn't feel his feet but if I touched them, he'd say that it hurt him. He eye is all stitched up and black and blue but it will heal and the scar will probably be hidden pretty much by his eyebrow. The thing that concerns me the most is his right arm. It is very tender to the touch and it difficult for him to move it. I'm sure they'll be doing therapy on it but it seems to be pretty damaged. I wonder if it's because he laid on it so long the night he fell out of bed. I don't really know what's going on with it but I know it hurts him.

We had a good visit. He told me about his dreams - way out there stuff and I told him about how he ended up at the VA. He didn't remember much of anything. He said he could remember Paunie talking to him in the car while we were driving to SL. He didn't know all the facts but he remembered her talking to him. He told me that his parents had come to him and told him he had the choice whether to go with them or to return to us. He said that his mother told him that if he returned I would take good care of him. So, he made the choice to stay here. He also asked if I remember being with him in the castle high on the mountain in Germany where he was dressed like a Russian. He said he didn't really like his outfit but he had to wear it anyway. (I have no idea how to interrupt that???) Obviously, I didn't remember the occasion.

The staff was wonderful and very attentive to Dan. They even brought me a dinner so I could eat with him. I fed him his dinner and then ate mine. He did a great job eating most everything he had. I loved it when he asked for his milk and than drank the whole glass without stopping. Oh, those dairy days all over again.

Kristi, Haini and the kids came up to visit Dan, too. Haini is so good to Dan. The first thing he did was to lift him up and put him back upd at the top of the bed so that his feet where smashed at the bottom. He just lifted him up and moved him like nothing. I was wishing they were living with us again just to help do that for Dan.

It is always fun to see their family and of course we went to eat after making sure that Dan was asleep for the night.

I can't wait for tomorrow so I can get back there and visit with him some more. It just feels good to be with him.

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  1. That is a great Friday!!
    Dan sounds good. We would love it if he could make it with you to Kar's baptism.