Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wed. Feb. 17

I'm writing this post from home. Yes, I came home today.
Seth and I got up early this morning, cleaned up, packed up and went to the hospital to see Dan. You could hear him from out in the hall. He was moaning and crying out. When we went inside his room he had his sheets kicked off and would not keep his legs down - not a pretty sight. He was yelling at everyone within ear shot.
The 1-1 nurse said he had been like that most of the morning. Nothing we did would comfort him and we had the hardest time keeping his legs down.

His new nurse was a kind lady who sat on his bed and took his hand and talked sweetly to him. He listened to her and said "thank you" when she was done. Eventually he quieted down. Charles, the Speech-Path. came in and showed us that Dan could produce a good swallow and so he would be able to eat thickened foods. With that they ordered him some breakfast that I was able to feed to him when it came. I think he liked having good tasting food in his mouth again. He had some kind of thickened soup, butterscotch pudding, applesauce, milk, and juice. He said the juice tasted like it was "ripe". Whatever that means, he didn't want much of it. But he ate everything else.

A neurologist came in for about 5 minutes. I can't say I was impressed. He said, "I have 5 minutes. What can you tell me?" Then he reached over and turned off the TV that Dan was watching. His first question was to the effect of; How'd he over doze on the lithium. He wanted a history, but only through answers to his questions. It was difficult to explain all of Dan's history and answer specific questions in 5 minutes. Then he looked at his watch and said, "You'll be here later today?" I told him we were on our way home and he said he'd keep in touch by phone. He took my phone number and then visited with Seth a minute about where he was going to school. And out the door he went.

We sat with Dan and he actually rested, sometimes with his eyes closed and sometimes with his eyes opened. After a while, we said our goodbyes and headed home.

It was a quiet, peaceful ride home and I enjoyed just having Seth with me. He's been such a strength to have around. He continually reminds me that "we can do this." Yes Seth, we can do this - together.

Just before I got to IF, Will called to say that they were just leaving SL for the long ride back to Seattle. They will go to Boise (about an 6 hour drive from SL) tonight and then the rest of the way tomorrow. I was so grateful that they would take the time to stay with Dan till today. I know it wasn't easy for them; Will with a new job and Jenni excepting with a 20 month old baby in tow. But, I sure appreciate their support for me and especially for Dan. I really do have the very best children ever!!

I got home to a wonderful dinner of lasagna, french bread and salad brought over by my sweet friend Rita. Thank you Rita!!!

Thank you everyone!! It's good to be home but I really miss Dan. I can't think about it or I'll cry and I'm too tired to cry right now. Guess I go to bed.

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