Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Feb.1

February is here and good things are in store. After all, how can the month with Valentine's Day be a bummer?
We got the toilet fixed today. Brother Tobias came over and reset the seal with new screws and bolts to hold it down again. Thank you!!
Dan took a bit of Ensure this morning with his pills before I left for school. But I really think that breakfast at 6:00 AM is too early for anyone. I took a half day of SL and came home to be with Dan about noon. He took his noon pills and a little more Ensure. Then Brother Tobias came over and we worked on the toilet. Dan was sleeping so soundly, he didn't even wake up once. I tried to feed him again before I left for the Pharmacy, but he didn't want any.
Trena Park brought dinner over. What a blessing to be loved and cared for. Alisha didn't have a game today so she came home after practiced and tried to get Dan to drink some Ensure but he still didn't want any.
When I got home he was awake and trying to get up to go to the bathroom. But he got confused and once we finally made it to the door he didn't want to go in anymore. I think he was afraid to take his hands off of the door frame so he finally decided to go back to bed. While he was up, I did a quick change into clean PJs, remade his bed and helped him get back in. His legs were really shaky today and he had a real hard time moving his feet. Sometimes he stares off into space and doesn't seem to know I'm there but then tonight when I was leaving I said, "I love you Dan" and he said, "I love you Dan". I said, "Thanks for trying so hard" and he said, "Thanks for trying, too." With that said, I'll head for bed.

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