Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Feb. 27

I got to spend the whole day with Dan today. I got to feed him and cover him, uncover him, put his socks, take his socks off, give him some water and put my hand on his chest. But, I could not touch his right arm. It's sooo sensitive ~ like raw nerves and it hurts for him to even move it. He has a large bruse on his right side from the fall the other night.
Kristi and Haini and family came up and visited with him for quite a while.
They brought him some ice cream and he ate quite a bit of it before we gave the rest to the kids. While they were with him I went with the social worker to fill out some forms. She was a great help and I think I'll be able to finish most of them for her this coming week.

Later, we were able to get him out of bed and into a wheelchair. With support he was able to move his feet about a foot or so from the bed to the chair. He enjoyed getting out of the room and going around the facility. We bought him a gatoraide from the vending machine and then went back to his room.

He slept off and on but never very deep. After dinner, Gracie and Stephen came to visit him, too. Dan was getting restless and we needed to leave so he could relax.
He didn't understand that he needed to stay there. He told me that before we could leave he would need to get up and get dressed and I would have to check him out.
I had to tell him that he needed to stay there but that I would come back in the morning. He got angry at me but then he was sad. The longer I stayed the worse it got so finally I just had to tell him that I loved him and would be back in the morning.

There's still so much that he doesn't understand about what happened to him and what will happen. He knows he hurts and he doesn't know why. It's so sad. I'm so glad I get to spend some time with him each week.

I think we'll be able to take care of him at home but it's going to take a lot of work. Perhaps he'll be better before he comes home. I miss him!!!

Gracie, Stephen and I went to dinner and then the soaked in the hot tub with me for a while. They are taking "crazy" pictures of each other while I am writing this post. It's fun to have their company.

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