Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sat. Feb. 20

I had to work at the pharmacy today and although I love working there, I missed being at home with Alisha and visiting by phone with Dan. We can't have our phones in the pharmacy so I even missed Tessha's call around 1:30.
She said that Kristi and Haini's family was at the hospital today to see Dan so they called with an update for me.
I didn't get the message until later tonight when I took my phone out of my work bag but Tessha said that Dan is really making progress. Kristi said she could really see a big difference.
He's been kind of agitated coming off of some of the meds he's been on. And the nurses think he might have a bladder infection so they are trying to relief all sources of discomfort so they can tell how best to help him. "He's alert and he's making sentences, not big ones but he's making exchanges with us."
That is all good news. I'm so glad he's there where they can really help him make the changes he needs with all his meds.
Alisha's at the Stake dance and I need to go pick her up and then get home and go to bed. So, good news again today.

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  1. Yes, that is a "good news day"! You are in my prayers.