Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Feb. 16

It's probably my last day down here with Dan. I will need to get Seth back to school and get to work myself. I've been gone since Thursday the 4th and it seems like an eternity. With Dan in a coma for 11 of those days~ it was an eternity. Now real life is setting in again.

With just this one day left, Seth and I got up early, ate a bite of breakfast and headed to the hospital. Dan was still in the MICU and I was glad of it. They have been so wonderful in every way! I knew he was getting the very best treatment there.

He was awake when we came in and he said "Hi" to us but soon he was back asleep. They said he had another rough night and they had given him Loritab to help settled him down so he could sleep. Seth and I read our books and worked on our laptops. I've been putting my 2009 blog posts into Word Document so I can burn a CD of them.

Anyway, we worked while he slept and occasionally he'd wake up but it was good to see him resting.

Around 2:00 the OT came in and quickly assessed Dan, got him up at the edge of the bed and eventually into a chair. Dan was so tired of being on his back that he really enjoyed sitting up for a while. He still is struggling with his speech and language. He can get about 5 words out now before getting confused. In fact, later tonight he said, "I think it would be easier if..." and then it was lost. But, that is 7 consecutive words spoken clearly. He's improving!!!

Seth went for a walk and Will came in to visit. He was there when the OT moved Dan to the chair and I think we were both grateful for the progress. Just remembering only a few days ago we didn't know if he'd even come out of the coma and here he is sitting up and watching TV. He wasn't always comfortable and sometimes he moaned and groaned, but he was conscious.

About 5:00 they were ready to move him out of the ICU into a room on the third floor. It's a nice room and for now he's the only one in it. The kids were able to come in and visit him all at once and even little Preston was allowed in. How nice!!! I like his new nurses and he has a one-on-one nurse who will stay with him round the clock - just in case!!

Dan sat in another chair in the new room for a little while and then he wanted to lay down again. We had just got him all fixed up in bed and he began crying out that he was afraid. He was kicking his legs and pushing with his arms and the nurse looked at me like ??? I told her that he had been on a long list of bipolar meds so she rushed to find out what she could give him. Will and Jenni had to leave about that time. It was so good to have them with us for a while today! They have been fantastic about being with Dan, especially when other couldn't be there.

After a shot into his IV he started to settle down again and we thought it was probably a good time for us to leave him, too. Seth and I went out for a bite to eat and then headed back to Orem. We called Gracie to tell her our plans and to thank her for all her long hours of love and support. She really kept me together that first week. What a weird, wild, wonderful, whacky week. Jamba Juice in the mornings and "It's going to be a good day." Thanks Grace!

We stopped at the Sugies for a little while, had family prayer and said goodbye to them. And then we came on back to our room. Seth is getting a little R&R time at the hot tub right now. When he gets back we'll need to get things packed up and ready to head home tomorrow. We will stop in SL and see how Dan is doing and then go on up the road.

I already know that it's going to just about do me in to leave him here in Utah and go home without him. Just thinking about it is terrible. I know he's in good hands and I know that this is where he needs to be, but... I don't want to go home without him. Like Scarlet said, "I'll think about it tomorrow."

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