Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Feb. 21

I called Dan's room as soon as we got home from Church today. Nobody answered so I called the Nurse's station. They were in the process of changing shifts and told me to call back in a few minutes.

I just got off the phone with Tessha. She had called to say that she was there with Dan. They had him up, showered and shaved and "looking good". She said he's speaking in sentences now and that he said he doesn't remember much of anything. She told him that "basically he'd been sleeping for about 2 weeks and that I had been with him the whole time". He said he thought he could remember something like that but wasn't sure.

He still has a bladder infection that they are treating but his medical needs are slowly mending. When those are all under control, they will release him to a Rehab. Center for therapies, etc. I hope the Neurologist will have a good idea of what meds he'll need before they release him to come home. I want to know he'll be ok at home with us. I don't know how much help Pocatello VA will be so I want all the help he can get from SL while he's there.

Tessha hadn't been able to talk to any Drs. yet about the MRI but she thinks she will when they make their rounds tomorrow. At this point, no news is good news. Dan was sleeping but Kristi, Haini and family walked in while we were talking so I let her go but we'll talk later when Dan wakes up. I can't wait.

It was wonderful to be back to Church today. I have really missed being there, listening, enjoying the Spirit and taking the Sacrament. Everyone was so loving and concerned about Dan. It felt like "home". We are so blessed!! And Dan is getting better!!!


  1. So happy Dan is feeling better. When Bob went into the Veterans' Program we met with a Veterans representative that went over all of the options Bob has. Have you had the opportunity to meet with someone like that? This person was in Medford and absolutely superb. Is there a rehap place for Veteran's in I.F. or Pocatello? We have had such a great interaction with the Bend Vet's.

  2. No I haven't met with any representative. Perhaps, I'll ask to do that next time I'm in SL. I'll be going down on Friday and spending the weekend with him. I have talked with a Social Worker who is helping me some. Dan will probably stay in a Rehab in SL because I know he'll be able to get better help there than in Pocatello or IF. That's my first concern. He will only be able to stay till the Medicare benefits run out. They tell me that will be about 20 days. We still have to work out what will happen after that. It's my prayer that he'll be able to come home with us. There is no way we can afford the $4200/month for continued Rehab or a Nursing Home at this time. Tonight I feel comforted that there will be a way to meet his needs. Thank you so much for your comments and prayers for us. We love you!

  3. That is wonderful news about Dan's improvement, and we pray that things will continue so that he may come home.