Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Jan 31

It's interesting because when I was sleeping last night I had some impressions that I needed to take heed of. I realized that Dan might be faltering because he isn't able to eat like he could even a week ago. I think I wrote about the hamburger that he couldn't hold in his hands and now he struggles to use a spoon. He's not eaten much at all this past week. So, I decided I needed to start purating his foods so that he could suck them through a straw. It was about 6:00 when I got up and started fixing something for him to eat. I took it down about 7:00 and tried to get him to eat a little bit. He seemed to appreciate it. He drank quite a bit and then was done. I got him in the shower and scrubbed him down good, washed his hair and face and got him out. I dried him up and got him dressed in some clean clothes (PJs) and shaved him and brushed his teeth. He looked so nice and I think he felt better. He let me do it all without a struggle. I tucked him back in and went upstairs to get ready for work. It was nice to have the time in the morning to get him ready for the day.

While I was at the Pharmacy, Alisha called around 4:00 to say that Dad had tried to get out of bed but ended up laying on the floor. Obviously, she couldn't get him up so she gave him a pillow and a blanket and then called me. When I got home I got him up and in his chair. I had brought some Ensure home for him. He drank a whole bottle of strawberry and seemed to enjoy it. Then he drank a lot of water. He likes to have his mug of water close by so he can drink when he wants to. After watching some TV and falling asleep in his chair he finally called for me to help him into bed. I'll get him his night meds before I go to bed. Another day.


  1. Oh, Sandy, how strong you are. Did not know that Dan has Parkinson's and Alzhiemer's. My Mother died of Alzhiemer's. Such a sad disease. Know that we love you. Wish we were closer to help. Did you get the toilet fixed?

  2. Yes, we got the toilet fixed today. One of the HP in the ward came over and did it. Wonderful ward here! Just like so many others that we've been in. And no, I'm not near strong enough. I can hardly get him up when he goes down. I wish I were a lot stronger and could just pick him up and put him back in bed. Thanks for your sweet thoughts. I wish you were closer, too.
    Love you!