Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Jan. 28

So it's Thursday night and I'm back again. It's late and the others are in bed so I'll just take a minute to write about today.
Like I said, Dad slept upstairs in Alisha's bed last night. He slept soundly and I woke him when I took his morning meds into him before I left for school. When I got home he was sitting in his chair upstairs. He said he hadn't eaten. Actually, he didn't say much of anything but I think that's what he tried to say when I asked him if he had eaten anything today. His speech is very hesitant and jumboed. He slurs most of his words and can't find the right words to say. He's very confused most of the time now.
Anyway, I got him up and fixed him some dinner. He was eating when I went to the pharmacy. Alisha got home later, after practice and they had some pizza together.
He had sat in his chair all day and didn't have the strength to stand up. Literally, he sat there. His chair is wet and the room smells pretty bad. He really struggles to stand up, even with my help.
He wanted to sleep downstairs tonight so I tried to help him down the stairs. It took us 25 minutes to get him down and into his bed. We had to change all his clothes and now we're back to Depends again. It's got to be nicer than sitting there in wet clothes.
I'm so lost as to what to do. I need some information about how to help him but I don't know just where to get it and then when do I do that, too. I was so hoping to get into to see the VA dr. last week, but they canceled because there was no dr.
I noticed on the calendar that it has been a year since we saw Mary at the VA. She was the last person to see Dan consistently. Since then he saw someone else 2 times and then 1 other person. They didn't know Dan or really anything about him so it was rather wasted visits. When I tried to reschedule an appointment with them they said that maybe he could see someone in March.
I'm hoping that most of these symptoms are because of depression rather than the Parkinson's or the Alzhiemer's. He was like this last winter too. Maybe just not so confused but this year he's not suicidal, so that's a blessing.
There, I found a blessing. On that note, I'm going to bed.

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