Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday - Jan. 26

I called home about 12:30 today to see if Dan had taken his "noon" meds. He answered! His speech was a bit more clear and he asked what my phone number was. He had been trying to call me, but didn't remember the number. I gave him both my cell number and my school number for him to write down. We kept getting disconnected. I called him back and said I had "lost" him. He responded with, "It's no fun to be lost." It was good to hear his speak a bit better today.
This is my second day off in a row from the pharmacy. It's good to be home. I went VT and when I got home, Dan was on the living room floor. He had lost his balance and gone down on the nice soft, double padded carpet. (Thank you, Daniel)
I made him a hamburger for dinner but had to cut it up for him. He couldn't keep it in his hands to eat it. He kept asking when Tessha is coming home. I think he misses her attention and fixing him meals. It will be good to get her home in a couple of weeks or so.
I tucked him in bed and headed off to Alisha's last BB game. It's senior night! He was still in bed when I got home so I gave him his night meds and said good-night.
Back to both jobs tomorrow. I worry about him when I'm gone all day and night.

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