Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Jan. 29

I'm making a week of it but I just had to say that Dad did a little better today. He was still in bed when I got home from school. He hadn't been up at all but he was able to come upstairs and eat a little- very little bit of soup. When he was done I helped wash him up and comb his hair and then he sat in his chair. The last couple of days I have the sweet blessing of sitting with him for a few minutes before I leave for the pharmacy. He in his chair and me in mine. - Quite the expected picture. Then I read out of the Ensign to him. I've enjoyed the reading and the time with him. He closes his eyes and listens and then opens them and says, "I'm listening." I love it.

He didn't eat anything for Alisha when she got home but he got out of his chair by himself and went down to bed. A little later Alisha took his evening meds down to him and he took them.

When I got home I took down his night meds. and tried to tuck him in. I was excited that he was able to get himself out of his chair and down the stairs by himself. YEAH!!! Good job, Dan!

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