Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sat. Jan. 30

The week is almost over, as is the month. And what a month it's been. I think it's been a rough one for many. I'm hopeful that Feb. will bring some sunshine. Such as it is, we have been blessed. Seth came home last night and we spent some time visiting. Then this morning he did some errands around the house for me while I was at work.
Dan came up stairs this afternoon and after trying to eat some dinner, he sat in his chair in the living room. Brother Bennett called and talked with him a little. I know that because BB. came by the pharmacy to visit with me. He said he really couldn't understand Dan on the phone and he was concerned. He offered any help we might need.
Seth stopped by the pharmacy several times while doing the errands and then after work he took me to dinner. It reminded me of a time years ago when he took me out. I so enjoyed the visit and especially the help around the house. There are just so many things I can't do let alone - get to. Thank you, Seth!!

When I got home I set out Dan's meds for the next week, ordered any that need refilling and then took his night meds. down to him. He struggled to put them in his mouth. At one point he actually put them on the lid of his mug thinking he was putting them where they needed to go. Finally we got them in his mouth and he took a drink. I had to get him out of bed to change his pajama bottoms so he could have some clean ones on for the night. It was very difficult tonight. He had a hard time moving his feet and holding on to his walker to stand up. At one point he just let go and although I tried to hold him up, I couldn't! He went down slowly so he wasn't hurt but he went down none the less. Then I couldn't do anything to help with his pajamas because I couldn't move him at all. After several minutes he was finally able to move himself to something steady and pull himself up. I got him to swish some mouth wash and then back into bed. He has a hard time judging when to sit. He's usually way too far from the bed, the chair or whatever so when he sits down he doesn't get positioned where he needs to be. I tried real hard to get him close enough to the bed so he didn't have to try to move himself while on the bed. It didn't happen well but we worked together to get his head where it needed to be and his knees on the bed and under the covers.

I have to write a story about last night. His bedroom is right below mine and so I can hear him move around in his room. Well, last night in the middle of the night I heard a thump and remembering that his knees were awfully close to the edge of the bed when we got him tucked in last night, I was worried that he might have fell out of bed. I got up and went down to see if he was alright. He was fine and so I just tucked him back in and started to leave the room when I heard him say in a soft, quiet voice, "Sweet dreams".

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